On Friday, April 22, 2016, Malden Overcoming Addiction was invited by Senator Elizabeth Warren to attend a roundtable discussion on the addiction crisis. Among those also in attendance were Senator Jason Lewis, State Reps Steven Ultrino, Paul Donato and Paul Brodeur, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and Anthony Moreschi of Congresswoman Katherine Clark’s office. Also in attendance were Malden City Council members Debbie DeMaria and Ryan O’Malley and School Committee member Emmanuel Marsh.

Senator Warren listened intently to all those who spoke. Paul Hammersley shared about MOA’S hopes for someday opening a recovery center in Malden where those with substance use issues and their families can turn to for resources and support. Malden High School Principal and MOA member Dana Brown shared about the struggles schools face finding resources for families in need and other members shared about how they have been personally affected by addiction.

Senator Warren, who donned a turquoise awareness ribbon, also asked to hear about the ‪#‎MaldenStopTheStigma‬ campaign. The group viewed MOA’s recent video highlighting #MaldenStopTheStigma day and was praised by Senator Warren for all their efforts. The Senator shared with the group about her dedication to fighting for those suffering from the disease of addiction as well as fighting for prevention strategies in whatever way necessary. She showed to be fully invested in the cause and it was an honor to have her ear for such an important issue.

Photos by Mary Stathos
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