MOA (Malden Overcoming Addiction) proudly announces that it hosted Motivational Interviewing Training for Recovery Coaches on December 2, 2017.   

Motivational Interviewing is a style of interacting with individuals in a constructive manner regarding behavior changes and is one of the most critical tools of a Recovery Coach.  The topic is covered in the Recovery Coach Academy, however, this stand-alone training allows for a deeper dive into this style of interacting with recoverees.  The training highlights a technique called “OARS,” that utilizes open ended questions, affirms an individual’s strengths and allows for movement in a positive direction.  In addition, reflective listening is utilized to support the recoveree during the coaching experience and facilitate an environment of support and mutual growth.  This training allows Recovery Coaches to continue to hone their skills in order to support their front-line fight against the disease of addiction.

Special thank you to the Malden Police and Fire Department for funding this training as well as Karen Colón Hayes (Human Services and Community Outreach Director) for her help in coordinating the training.